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Our Programs


Emergency Home Repair Program (EHRP)

HPI, in partnership with local government departments, community organizations, and volunteers, provides emergency home repairs for low-income families within our service area (James City County, York County, and the City of Williamsburg). We aim to rehabilitate houses that do not meet housing quality standards so that our neighbors may have a home that is safe, warm, and dry. Accessibility modifications, such as installation of wheelchair ramps, fall under our home repair program. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us at (757) 221-0225.

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Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Flex Service Area

The Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation (IPR) loan program provides forgivable loans to low-and moderate-income owner-occupants of substandard housing, which have no indoor plumbing, including no potable water or a failed septic system. This lien form will require recordation of a deed of trust, forgiven monthly over a 60-month term. The program will also provide for the general rehabilitation of these units, and for accessibility improvements or relief from overcrowded conditions, as needed, once the primary income, ownership, and failed plumbing criteria are met.   
Below are the areas in which we serve for the IPR Flex Program

James City County
York County
New Kent
Charles City
King George
Isle of Wight
Prince George

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PIPE Fast Facts:

  1. Over 20 homes in the Historic Triangle still lack indoor plumbing.

  2. The State of Virginia provides funding to assist families with the installation of indoor plumbing. However, in the remaining homes lacking indoor plumbing, additional funds are required to cover the high cost of alternative sewer and water solutions needed.

  3. The Providing Indoor Plumbing for Everyone (PIPE Fund) will fill this void by providing the gap funding needed to cover all project costs.

  4. Housing Partnerships Inc. is working to provide indoor plumbing to everyone – “Connecting the Historic Triangle.”


By donating to the  Providing Indoor Plumbing for Everyone (PIPE) Fund you can help eliminate this public health issue and improve the quality of life for everyone in our community.


If your organization is interested in having a presentation regarding this project or would like to consider providing funding, please contact us at and a speaker will be arranged at your convenience.


Please help support our PIPE program by sponsoring and or attending this concert. 

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Emergency Home Repair Program

Through HPI's partnerships with local agencies and community volunteers, we provide emergency home repairs to owner-occupied dwellings. The scope of our repairs include wheelchair ramps, accessibility-related accessories, damaged flooring, and minor electrical and plumbing repairs. Eligibility is determined by household income. If you wish to speak to us about the repairs you need, please contact us at (757) 221-0225.

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